Saturday, August 1, 2009

Hello World!

It's almost time to go back to work. That makes me sad. I don't feel ready yet. Next week I have a training for special ed and the following week I have two days of meetings. The next week is back to work. Where did my vacation go?

I did ready 36 books so far this summer! I feel pretty good about that. Only one of them was a book I would never recommend. Today I looked a someones online reading list and saw a bunch of nonfiction at which I'd love to look. Too bad I have a pile of my own next to the bed, bought and paid for waiting to be read.

Oh, and my hair whine from my last post...I never did a thing about that. Ted said I don't have gray hair. Just one more reason to love him. I do need a hair cut. That won't happen until I donate it or I just get brave.

Tonight I bought some wheat and egg free frozen waffles at the grocery store. I was so excited. The first brand I found contained citric acid (of course). I almost gave up and walked away. Then I found the brand I bought. They were cheaper and I'm not allergic to anything in them. WOO HOO! I've been craving waffles and this made my day. I'll be eating them tomorrow with crushed pineapple...yummy.