Thursday, January 31, 2008

Life is hard

How profound is that ? I must be on overload and a bit of scheduling this afternoon pushed me over the edge. I now feel as though I am moving on slow-motion and the sounds around me are muted. I haven't a cohesive thought in my head. I had a friend tell me one day that I was an encourager. I don't feel very encouraging right now.
And, my list of those fighting cancer has grown today. If you are so enclined please pray for: my cousin Angie (breast cancer), Aunt Karla (melanoma), Aunt Sue (breast cancer) and new to the list, Nancy (prancreatic cancer). I can't wait to move them to my cured of cancer list: Aunt Barb (breast cancer), Uncle Rich (esophageal cancer), and Kennedy (leukemia).
Praise report from Deb who has been healed of an unknown disease. She was suffering horribly and through prayer and faith claimed her healing. The Lord has answewred our prayers. Now she just has to continue healing from the lung surgery that was required to biopsy her lung.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Snow Day!

I've been spending the day at home. Thank goodness I brought IEPs home to work on. I had one more I should have brought home but didn't. I will be able to work on it tomorrow night,ack, as long as there is school tomorrow and I can bring it home. We rarely have snow days. When I saw it running at the bottom of the t.v. screen at 5 this morning I didn't believe it true. I checked another station, and then I went and looked on the internet. Poor Ted, he had to wait an hour to learn his school was also closed. It doesn't sound as if the roads have improved much. I'm hoping that we can get to church (or services are cancelled). I don't want to miss Christy's talk on her trip to India. I suppose I should get back to writing a behavior plan.

If this post oozes with enthusiasm something is wrong with you, 8-). I'm glad I didn't have to drive on icy roads, but I dislike the thought of making this day up in May.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Welcome to the New Year

Someone asked me what I am looking forward to in the new year.
My first thought was summer vacation.
Apparently my job is more stressful than I realized.
I've since thought more about the coming year.
I look forward to learning more about God's plan for me.
I want to continue to work with children but I'm not sure if teaching in an inner city, poverty-stricken school is where I should be right now.
Or, maybe I should just be teaching in a different school.
I'm also continuing to pray about missions.
It's something I'm very interested in, but does God need me there?