Saturday, May 29, 2010

School Year Memories

While my school year was pleasantly uneventful, there were some special moments that were very meaningful and I will have in my heart always. They revolve around the blessings that the Lord has placed in my life no matter how long or how brief.

One student has been in my life for three years. She is sweet, sensitive and for the first two years of our life together, very well behaved. This year life threw her some curve balls and she experimented with naughtiness. I don’t think either of us knew how to handle that venture.

Last year she discovered a song on my iTunes that she decided was “her song.” Written and performed by the son of a dear friend of mine and a former teacher of my student, the song is called, “He Knows Your Name.” When she would finish her work each day she wanted to listen to “her song.”

One day she looked at me with eyes of pure innocence. I wish I could capture that look in a photograph to be sure I’d never forget. She quietly asked me, “Does God really know my name?”

I couldn’t help but smile widely as I gladly told her yes, he most assuredly does. Her eyes welled with tears when I told her that God knew her before she was born and he truly does know every hair on her head and he loves her more than anyone could or would ever be able to love her. Through those teary eyes she smiled brightly and hit repeat on “her song” so that she could her Denver tell her one more time that He knows her name.

Less than a month ago she came to me with an equally important question. She sat down next to me quietly and looked into my eyes, “Does God love us no matter what, even when we’re bad?”

“More than anything,” I told her, “He might be disappointed in the choices we make, but he never stops loving us.” She smiled her beautiful smile and went back to her work. Whatever weight that was on her heart had been lifted.

I had three years of smiles and laughter with her, but those two brief moments meant so much to me. They remind me that this is where God wants me for now. This is my place, these children are my purpose. I love them each in a different way. This one is going on to a new school. I will miss her madly, but, I will cherish the time I had with her.

Stand For Christ (repost)

19 people per hour die for Christ.
456 per day
3,192 per week
165,984 per year

These numbers are staggering, but what do they mean for you? To me it means, these people have put themselves all out for our Savior. They go to dangerous places to spread the gospel. They worship Him illegally because they love Him so much. They carry one page of scripture because that's all they have and they do that knowing if they are caught they will be punished. They stand for Jesus...what do we do to stand for Him? Do you live each day with Him by your side? Do you soak in His word and show others His love through your actions?