Sunday, February 1, 2009

Mothman, ACK!

I hope I have just scared myself unnecessarily. I thought I saw a baby Mothman in my kitchen. If I did I'm sure it was the first in-home sighting of this creepy monster. I told Ted. He laughed. He never said a word. He simply laughed. Then he went back to watching the end of this never ending football game. Apparently the fact that there could be a floaty, spooky monster downstairs doesn't matter. I should take that as a sign. "A sign of what?," you ask. That I'm loopy and I watched too many episodes of Monster Quest last night before I went to sleep.


Prairie Rose said...

A few years ago, my house was a mere half mile or so away from the TNT plant where the real Mothman lived... :)

Dawn said...

OOOOO...that is so SCARY! Once, I tried to watch the Mothman Prophecies. I lasted about 20 minutes.