Monday, February 15, 2010

About Monday

Monday Moaning
*South Side Soda Shop and Diner is closed on Mondays (Ted knew that, why didn't I), everyone was sad.

*This could end up being Migraine Monday...I feel something happening, I'm praying it's just stress.

*And the biggest moan of all... I'm on the verge of anger. I can not and will not let this make me angry. It's not worth the aggravation.

Merry Monday
*I visited with my in-laws. We don't see them enough and it was nice to share a meal and chat.

*I received a great email from someone I wrote to out of the blue. We don't know each other but I felt lead to write her and I'm sure it was God.

*I picked up some knitting and let the fiber flow through my fingers as I added some rows to a gift I'm making.

*I shared some smiles and laughs with my husband.

*I was able to pray for strangers in sad situations. I pray that they will one day know God's grace and love.

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