Saturday, March 6, 2010


Signs of spring are everywhere around us. The snow is all but gone and the ground hog has been digging in the yard again. While I love the sunshine and warm air that are beginning to make daily appearances I will miss winter. I love winter. It won't be long until I will find myself dreaming of looking out across the field out back and seeing the snowflakes slowly fall to the ground.

Right now, this evening, I am content. I'm tired and ready to fall asleep from a busy day, but I'm so at peace. I honestly feel as though I am resting in the arms of the Lord. I haven't a worry or a care in the world at this moment in time. What a gift.

Another gift from the Father I received today was a long-awaited answer to a prayer. I've asked the Lord to use my migraine suffering in some positive way. I knew, after all, that I couldn't have all of this pain for so long and have no good come from it. Today I was sharing with Ted about how I helped someone who is suddenly experiencing migraines. As our conversation ended and I moved into another room I realized...He had used me and answered my prayers. I wonder how many other prayers He has answered in my life in such a subtle manner and I have failed to take notice. It saddens me to think it's possibly many times, especially before I was so cognizant of His voice.

We spent a few hours today visiting with family. It was our great-nephew's second birthday. It was fun to see "the babies" playing. I can't believe my nieces and nephews are starting to have children. I love them all so much and seeing them happy is so wonderful. We don't see them nearly enough. Below is a photo from today. A self-portrait from Dustin, age 20 months.

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