Thursday, January 31, 2008

Life is hard

How profound is that ? I must be on overload and a bit of scheduling this afternoon pushed me over the edge. I now feel as though I am moving on slow-motion and the sounds around me are muted. I haven't a cohesive thought in my head. I had a friend tell me one day that I was an encourager. I don't feel very encouraging right now.
And, my list of those fighting cancer has grown today. If you are so enclined please pray for: my cousin Angie (breast cancer), Aunt Karla (melanoma), Aunt Sue (breast cancer) and new to the list, Nancy (prancreatic cancer). I can't wait to move them to my cured of cancer list: Aunt Barb (breast cancer), Uncle Rich (esophageal cancer), and Kennedy (leukemia).
Praise report from Deb who has been healed of an unknown disease. She was suffering horribly and through prayer and faith claimed her healing. The Lord has answewred our prayers. Now she just has to continue healing from the lung surgery that was required to biopsy her lung.

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