Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Random thoughts

*why did M beg me not to go home sick from work at noon? /Does he hate the sub that was coming? Was he hoping I'd give him more garbage as I clean cupboards? Does he like me even though I've had to be so tough with him all year? He actually told me he'd miss me when he went to middle school.

*MMmmmm, that KFC Famous Bowl tasted good at lunch.

*Why won't this headache go away? I'm not going to be able to see Rush of Fools tonight, wah!

*8 schools days to go, woo hoo!

*I hate field day. I'm praying for rain next Thursday. Is it wrong to pray that a fun day for students will be spoiled for my sake?

*I love cinnamon...I have Hot Tamales next to me right now to prove it.

*I wish I didn't have to unplug and plug things in to use the DVD player in my bedroom. I'd love to watch The Last Sin Eater right now, too bad.

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