Saturday, August 9, 2008

Happy Saturday

I received great pictures today from my dear Amy. She had pictures of a family gathering and it was nice to see my cousins. Seeing those photos really make me miss my family.
Monday is my first day back to school. The students begin on Tuesday. I have a staff meeting Monday morning and I will then spend the rest of the day in my classroom. Of course that is also subject to a special education meeting. We have a new special education teaching joining us and she may have some questions. She is also a first year teacher. Monday evening is open house.
I'm beginning a new knitting project today and I haven't completed the one I've been working on the week. So, my poor coin purse will sit by idly as I quickly knit up a stole. In a few weeks Mystery Stole 4 will begin. I have my yarn ordered and will need beads. I have some here but I'm not sure if they will go with either of the yarns I ordered. I also need to get down to the Loft to buy some yarn from Gayle. That will be used to make a stole for a very special person. Actually the other two stoles are gifts too.
I've been watching the BBC version (the original) of The Office. I don't like it as well as NBC's version. I've watched 4 episodes. I"m not sure if I'll continue. Ted's watching it now. I'm not sure he'll like either version.
If you are praying for Kennedy please be sure to lift her up in prayer this week. Her halo is being removed on Friday regardless of how far along her neck is in the healing process.

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Bev said...

I can't believe it is school time again. Aug. 25th for both of the boys. Ah, the quietness.