Thursday, August 7, 2008

Helping the husband and stuff

Ted has been moved into a new classroom. It's a portable. I was in a portable for 4th grade. I remember how it was such a novelty at first. It quickly became normal. Ted's classroom is set up much different from the one I remember. It also seems bigger but that could be because all of the desks are piled to one side.
We are going to move furniture around and unpack boxes. He has a lot of space being taken up by metal cabinets. It's his only storage so we must make due. I'm hoping we won't stay long. I'll be back to work soon enough.
Last night was fun. We were visited by Tammy, Michael and Sarah. I feel like I haven't seen Sarah in forever. She's 21 now and busy with life. Sniff. Tammy and I knitted while Ted and Michael played the Wii. Mario
Last Saturday we were able to visit with BRAD! I haven't seen him since Christmas. Another child who has grown-up and moved on. Michael was here and he loves Brad too. It was a nice visit, but of course, not long enough. I probably won't see him again until Christmas, Thanksgiving if I'm lucky.
I'm looking forward to returning to the Oasis Cafe. I'm hoping Tammy will start coming too. Michael is interested in the preteen ministry...if he can bring a friend. Ted's returning to the Men's Fraternity. Wednesday nights always energize me for the rest of the week.
I'm off to go to school with Ted. =-)

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