Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I Survived!

This afternoon was the Character Day Parade. First and Third graders dressed up as their favorite character from a book and paraded around the building. I was the coordinator. I made myself sick over it all day but it actually went off without a hitch. The entire First grade chose 101 Dalmatians, although, there are only 100 First graders. The Third grade was a mix and one class used characters from the fables they are studying. It was fun for those watching too. I had Fourth graders asking me when they would get their turn. When I told them Second and Fourth had Character Day in May they genuinely looked excited. Now...to whom can I pass the torch?

Second and Fourth grade classes wrote ABC books which are on display in the school library. Each time I pass I seen children reading them. So far it appears Language Arts week is a success. The books will be displayed for the visitors during fine arts night next month (also known as, the Holiday Program). I hope the parents enjoy them.

I'm looking forward to spending Thanksgiving at my parents Thursday. I'm taking a cheese ball and crackers, pizzelles and an additional yet to be determined appetizer. I'm considering veggie pizza or fruit salsa and sweet chips. Those are always popular.

Then, I have four days of cleaning and relaxing. Ahhhh, the thought of relaxing makes me slightly giddy. I'm a bit worried that some Christmas shopping may be thrown in to spoil my fun. Yuck!

Well, I must prepare to disembark for China Wok and/or Hi Ho Chop Suey. I need some dumplings and something else to which I'm allergic. I've been good and saved up all of my allowable servings for this evenings meal.

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