Sunday, September 12, 2010

Ted loves the Irish

Sarah reminisced to me about a time when Ted celebrated a Notre Dame touchdown during a car trip. She is 23 now and must have been no more than 14 when this happened. It made quite an impression upon her.

Ted was listening to the game on the radio as we drove down the highway. Notre Dame scored and Ted quickly pulled over onto the shoulder, exited the car, and fist-pumped on the side of the road and probably cheered and screamed.

When I told Ted about Sarah's memory he immediately chimed in with more details. He told me that it was the USC game, we were on our way to Michigan City, and that when we arrived at Lighthouse Place, USC scored and Notre Dame lost. To quote Ted, "that celebration was for nothing."

Ah, the memories. I had blocked ALL of this out of my mind. Sarah on the other hand said this was the moment when she realized how much Notre Dame football meant to Uncle Ted. Poor Girl.

I blocked all of this out of my mind. I try to block all things related to Notre Dame football out of my mind, although, I do have a few funny stories from going to games. Maybe someday I'll write them down.

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