Friday, February 1, 2008

Do your children matter?

I am disappointed in so many parents in this world. Today was just filled with disappointment. I had 8 case conferences scheduled today. One parent sent a note asking for a phone conference due to the weather (she's gets and "A" and we thanked her profusely). No one else sent a note, called or showed. I called the parents and one was home but unable to come to the phone. I asked that she call me. She never called back. One parent returned my call saying she was at the clinic. Her tooth had broken last night. Interesting, since when I spoke to her husband he told me she was moving items from their old house to the new and he'd have her call me. Yet another told me school was cancelled due to snow. She was in shock when I told her I was calling from school. Then, even though her appointment was 4 hours later, she said she couldn't make it, just go ahead with out her. I was unable to reach anyone else due to lack of phones. Now, I get to reschedule them all and I hope they show. Do I change my expectations in order to avoid disappointment?


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Mommy to those Special Ks said...

Geez, I just can't imagine. I'm in constant contact with Kass and Kam's teachers... in fact, Kameron's teacher even called him over Christmas break to see how he was doing! It boggles my mind when parents don't take their children's education seriously. So very sad :(. I promise if you were one of my kids' teachers I would be at the conference!