Sunday, February 3, 2008

God's plan for me

I know I'm being called to do mission work. Then when and where will be revealed when it's necessary. How do I know this? God, of course. I felt His tug again today in church. I do know that God is calling me to work with children. He's made that point clear to me. What a peaceful feeling, knowing He is disclosing my purpose, answering my prayers [to know what He wants me to do]. I wish I had the words to share with nonbelievers. I wish I could tell them about my awesome God who gave his Son for me, a sinner. I wish I could share with them what it feels like to walk in faith, to just trust the Lord. He is always with me.

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Nate and Brenda said...


That is wonderful!! It truly is amazing to be called of God into missions! I just LOVE it!! I will pray that He even makes things more clear of where and when!!!