Monday, February 25, 2008


*tomorrow is the big weigh-in...I've been sneaking on the scale all week so I know tomorrow will show a loss 8-)
*I am placing all of my faith in the Lord...I don't know what's happening for sure but I know it is going to be okay
*I've spent too much time reading the blogs of others and not writing
*I've heard from Amy two days in a row...I love her and miss her so much...I don't hear from her nearly enough
*my workplace is frustrating...full of gossip and mean-spirited people...why are we there? to tear each other down or build those kids up?
*why do I find myself fascinated with the prison system...that is way weird
*what if there is another snow day tomorrow????? I don't want to be teaching into June
*why do I like bullet points and ellipses (singular, ellipsis)and do they annoy others as much as they please me?... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ba ha

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Bev (froggieb) said...

*Good luck with the weigh-in.
*Me too.
*Go Amy.
*Build up kids.
*Prison system -- odd.
*No snow, I am coming thru Indiana to Ohio on Wed.
*I like them too.