Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Vote for Jasmine

Hi there family and friends, my cousin Jazzie needs your support this week...

A couple of months ago Jasmine entered a poetry contest online and was thrilled to be voted the weekly winner (largely because friends, coworkers, and family voted for her poem online – Thanks again for those who voted!)

This week, all of the weekly winners from the whole year are posted as the finalists for the BIG contest. (Jasmine was the winner of week 35.) Voting is currently going on from today until Sunday at midnight. The poem that gets the most votes becomes the winning poem of the year. The winning poem's author will become a professional songwriter and will start receiving royalty checks when their song goes onto Thaddeus Rex's next CD!!! (That would be so cool for her!) (Thaddeus Rex is a singer/songwriter who tours around doing kid shows that promote reading. He used have a kid show on PBS.)

Voting is easy and can be done hourly until Sunday at midnight, so of course we’re after as many votes as we can possibly get. Each vote only takes seconds, so any votes you would be willing to cast would be greatly appreciated. If you would, please spread the word for anyone you think of that would be willing to add some votes. Thanks for any support you can give! J

Here’s how to vote:

Go to www.thaddeusrex.com
On the left, click on “Writing Contest”
You can get to Jaz’s poem by either clicking “View Finalists” and scrolling down to week 35 “My Other Brother” by Jasmine B. OR by typing “My Other Brother” in the “Poem Title” box and clicking “Search.”
Click on the poem’s title to pull up the poem.
Once you pull up the poem, scroll down to the bottom of the page where you can cast your vote.
To add continued votes: What I do is just leave that page up on the computer, and then every hour (or when I happen to be walking by the computer), I press “F5” on the keyboard to refresh the page and then click vote again.

A rough version of “My Other Brother” set to music by Thaddeus Rex is posted on his blog in his “fan club” section.

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