Thursday, July 17, 2008

Food Stuff

Well, I've spent the last couple of weeks trying to find recipes that don't require me to make substitutions. That's not easy. I've joined some Yahoo groups that fit my needs and I've been checking out vegan websites. I'm learning a lot, but my meals have not changed. I'm basically eating fruits and vegetables and lean meat, if I eat at all. I'm in a bad food place. I've also noticed that when I eat the allowed servings of the "bad" food I get sick. I think it's psychological. Another difficulty is Ted. Poor Ted. He doesn't like seeing the gfcf egg-free food going in the shopping cart. I think he's afraid I'll make him eat way. Some of that costs way too much to waste on his meals! I was looking at spaghetti noodles made from corn the other night and his comment was, "Don't get too carried away." I know that he meant he didn't want to eat it, but I whisper-yelled at him anyway. I think that shocked him a bit. I can also tell he's becoming worried about the cleaning concoctions popping up in the house. He knows they are necessary to help my chemical sensitivity but fears they really don't clean. Poor Ted. I need to take some allergy medication today. I've been sneezing my head off. However, the product in the house contains citric acid. You've got to love an allergy medication that contains an allergen. I'm too lazy to go to the store to buy what I need.Tonight we are going out to eat with friends. I'm not worried about cross-contamination because I haven't had any of the allowed servings today. The most serious allergy will be the citric acid since it hides in everything. I may eat before I go so I'm not too hungry. Then I can stick to a salad.


Prairie Rose said...

Ooh, GFCF diets and restaurants don't mix. Be careful what you order, it's difficult to find a "safe" food in a restaurant. My nephew has serious allergies and his parents just take his food rather than risk it -- even "safe" foods are often unsafe in a restaurant -- veggies are often cooked in butter, for example. Make no assumptions and ask lots of questions about the preparation of what you order... I'm sorry for you, I'm dairy-free by choice but I CAN eat it so if I'm out and something has dairy in it that I'm unaware of, it's no big deal, but you have to be so careful -- and to get rid of wheat too -- wow, I could never do it. I'm too much of a carb-freak. :)

Vicki said...

Try Garden Patch on Edison for the best price on gluten free foods. You can make your own cleaning products for pennies. 5% white vinegar used full strength kills 99% of bacteria, 82% of molds, and 80% of germs. It doesn't smell bad either. Non toxic countertop disinfectant - Using 2 spray bottles, one filled with a diluted mixture of white vinegar, and the other with a diluted mixture of hydrogen peroxide, is a safe, cheap way to clean/disinfect your countertops and fruits/veggies. Using two separate sprays, as opposed to mixing them together, is the most effective way. It doesn't matter which order you use them, but they do need to be separate. A study confirmed this is more effective than any anti-bacterial cleaners on the market. A paste of borax mixed with water and applied to mold will kill and remove the mold. Bleach only removes the color from mold, it doesn't kill it.

Bev said...

No advice about your food dilemma. But I do want to ask you where you got your prayer button for Kennedy?