Saturday, July 5, 2008

Vacation Number 2

We returned home Thursday night at 11:57pm. We were exhausted. We had another nice trip. Monday morning we drove down to the Vevay, Indiana area. We spent the night at a casino/resort with my in-laws with whom we celebrated their anniversary and Ted's birthday. The chef at Jeff Ruby's made us a special meal (delicious steak and lobster for FIL, Ted and I and Dover Sole for MIL). Also specially made was a cake for Ted from the pastry chef. We had the cake last year for Ted's mom's birthday and it is awesome. Ted gambled a bit on the slots while I chilled in the room. He won $60in the afternoon (not losing his original investment) and lost that $60 after dinner. We ate breakfast at the yummy buffet on Tuesday. I indulged in fresh fruit, hash and hashbrowns. Ted had a fluffy omelet filled with green peppers, onions, salsa, and bacon, ham, and cheese. We were then off on our trip while Ted's parents headed home to Indy.
Our first stop along the Ohio river was to Jeffersonville. Ted had seen a candy store there on the History channel and wanted to try it out. We bought awesome chocolates and cinnamon hard candy. We will be ordering candy for Christmas gifts from them this year, unless Ted ropes me into driving down there this fall. We then stopped at Meijer to buy a bigger cooler for our candy. We then headed to Corydon, the first Indiana State Capital.
It was late when we arrived in Corydon so we visited many of the sites that you can not go in or that are outside anyway. The first stop was the only Civil War Battlefield in Indiana. Ted loves Civil War history and this was exciting for him. We had a butterscotch shake at a house that had been cut in half. We took a lot of pictures to use in a power point for our social studies classes. On Wednesday we were able to go in the capital building and have a tour. Joann, our guide was wonderful and loves history as much as we do. After lunch we were off to Lincoln City.
We followed the Ohio River for most of our trip so we saw the lock and Dam at Cannelton. We see so many of them along the Mississippi that this was not that exciting. We arrived in Lincoln City with time to see a movie about Abe and his family and to briefly see the exhibits. Then we went to see the site of their cabin, his mothers grave, and the living history area (the rangers were gone). We hiked a mile in Abe's woods. We had a stare-down with a deer on the trail. Then, we were off to Evansville.
Thursday morning we went to Angel Mounds to see the Indian Mounds. We walked around for about 4 hours. We enjoyed the exhibits and walking tour a great deal. We then took off for New Harmony, Indiana to see the site of an early Utopia. We were headed home after that.
We were so tired on the drive home from walking so much during the day. Ted's ready to take another trip already. He will be spending the next 2 weeks trying to finish getting the other house ready to sell. He'd like to have it on the market within 3 weeks. I can't wait until it sells. We will then be able to be almost debt free. We'll still have some of Ted's student loan and our mortgage.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds great! I haven't been to Southern In since I was 10. I would love to go to Angel Mounds and Clarksville. You'll have to let me sample a piece of that candy! I'm gland you had a wonderful time. Wendy