Friday, July 25, 2008

Oh! Gravity

From the wacky dreamworld of Dawn....

I was sitting in a case conference for a student I knew but another school was attending and bringing the paperwork. In fact, the teacher brought an IEP printed in color. I was slightly jealous that I did not have the ability to produce such pretty documentation. Suddenly I was informed that I had to write goals and objectives for the student. I excused myself to run back to my classroom to get forms.
Entering the room I noticed that the substitute was reading to the students who were seated in front of him on the floor. I turned to my desk and realized it has been pushed into the corner...and was upside down.
Drama ensued as I yelled at the substitute, Mr. Dwight K. Schrute. He began screaming at me. In real life I may have been frightened. In dream world I was enraged. I stomped about my classroom until I located my phone. I then called my principal as Mr. Schrute begged me not to make the call. When I began speaking to Angie Mr. Schrute muttered, "I might as well go this is my 5th strike."
As I was talking to Angie a black cat ran out of the coat room. It was as this point I realized I was in my old classroom at St. Casmir. The cat jumped up and bit me. It's eyes were huge as if it realized the mistake it was making. It let go of my beautiful arm and ran toward the children who immediately began to play with the monster...traitors.
Angie, listened to me repeatedly saying, "I've been bit, I"m bleeding."

Then I woke up...with vertigo. The song Oh! Gravity is going through my mind...over and over and over.


Kurran said...

Dreams are definitely freaky things, aren't they? I have been having weirdo school stress dreams, too. Everything from going back to kindergarten (as an adult, mind you) to being fired.

Prairie Rose said...

Thanks for the comment... migraines stink! I've often wondered how those who suffer from them regularly survive life, because just the occasional one is so awful, and I realize how fortunate I am that they are so rare and so short.

I've always thought geocaching sounds like fun, but have never tried it yet!

Bev said...

Dreams are weird. I have been having strange ones and right when I wake up I think wow I need to tell Roger about this one. But as soon as I sit or stand up the memories are gone but the thoughts still remain. Glad it wasn't real and you didn't get hurt.