Monday, December 28, 2009


I haven't written a thing in ages. Life is flying by and I record it in my trusty journal. Who needs a blog? Apparently a lot of people. And I read them. A lot of them. I'm trying to figure out what makes me read one person's blog over another. I haven't figured it out yet. But I keep reading.

Last week I spent a frenzied week shopping, wrapping, knitting and reading. It culminated in a wonderful day at my parent's house and a migraine headache that has so far lasted 4 days, and a fun evening with the Miller's at Tom and Denise's farm.

I'm still knitting. Yesterday I made an Elf hat for Tyler. It is so very cute. If I knew where my camera was I'd upload a picture. Last week I made a hat for Dustin...again no picture. Although, I need to ask Holly or Justin to take a picture. [This is why Bev is the only one who reads my blog. My life is boring and she loves me and feels some sense of obligation to read it! Thanks Bev 8- )]

I'm reading Indigo Christmas by local author Jeanne M. Dams. I love this Hilda Johansson series. I've been convinced to give her Dorothy Martin Mysteries a try. I have number one waiting. Anyway, I began reading the Hilda Johansson series because it took place in South Bend. I still enjoy the bits of local history thrown in, but the mysteries are quite good and the character development is enjoyable.

I'm also reading Free-Range Knitter by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee. I love her blog, Yarn Harlot. The book is quirky like the author. It's a slow read for me though, I'm not used to that as a reader. As a knitter, it's nice to read something that I can relate to and know that I'm not crazy.

The third book I have going at the moment is Knit Two by Kate Jacobs. It's the sequel to the Friday Night Knitting Club. Since the first book ended in what I deemed to be a less than desirable way I am surprised to find myself reading book 2 and having book 3, Knit the Season, waiting in the pile of books to read. While knitting is in the background of these books the main theme is women and their relationships with one another. I found it difficult to get into the first book but I don't know if it was the book, of the fact that I was listening to it on tape. I definitely don't miss the actress and her strange interpretations of everyone's voices. She was working my last nerve for sure.

Last week I read two books by Lauraine Snelling, Pearls of Grace and Rebecca's Rewards. As always, I enjoyed her books. I have another waiting to be read. As a person who loves history and the Dakotas these books have always drawn me right in. Within a few pages I'm right back with the characters I've grown to know and love. I think that speaks volumes for the author. She develops characters so well it is as if you truly know them.

What are my plans for this week? Cleaning a bit for our New Year's Eve get together with the James', go to the butcher shop (I love John's in Nappanee!), knit, read, play with my Nintendo DSi, bake, knit and read. knit and read, knit and read....oh, and do my quarterly reports 8-(

This vacation will end much to soon I'm afraid. I cannot believe that one semester has ended. In retrospect it has flown by. With ISTEP coming up I'm fairly certain the second semester will fester.

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