Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Fingers crossed

I have been online all day searching for my best friend from childhood. I think I have found her. I sent an email to the address I found connected with her name. I lost touch with her 4 or 5 years ago. I hope I have found her.
T and I went to the new Maid-Rite in Plymouth. I'm going again on Monday with Fran and Laura. Long story short...I grew up less than a mile away from the owner-in Cedar Rapids. Her family moved to Indiana 2 years after we did. We are the same age and everything!
I have to visit the library today. A book I requested has come in. I also have a few items to return. I love books.

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Bev (froggieb) said...

I love books too. I will send you a yahoo group thingy for reviewing new books. It is kinda cool to get advanced copies of books to read and then review just on your own blog. They are christian books -- fiction/nonfiction, kids to adults. I have gotten 2 books so far. I haven't blogged about them yet cause it isn't time to. Oh, and you get to pick and choose the books you want to review and if they have enough copies they will mail them to you.