Sunday, June 1, 2008

Let's try again

After a 2-year hiatus we are going to start that fun adoption process all over again. T. told me today that the Lord has placed it on his heart to foster to adopt through the state. So, tomorrow I will contact our social worker and start the process again. I bet I can update our home study in my sleep (3 times a charm after all). I think we have to renew our first aid and CPR certification. I become unglued during the tests, I hate thinking I may fail...or hurt someone. Please keep us in your prayers. I think I'm ready for this. At one time after the "failure" I wasn't so sure I'd ever want to do this again. But when Ted told me what he was thinking I felt peace.
Tomorrow also begins the spring cleaning season at our house. Every year when school ends we deep clean. I hope I'm able to purge the house of all that is not needed. Realistically, I'll be pleased just to feel like the house is clean again.


Mommy to those Special Ks said...

I'll be praying Dawn!!!

Dawn said...

Thanks Renee 8-)

♥emma stormy♥ said...

I am praying as always, Dawn...please keep us posted, ok? I can't wait for that day to arrive for you. Love ya! Em

Prairie Rose said...

Hi, I followed your link from your post on LIW... nice to "meet" you. I'm curious from your comment here that you're beginning the process "again" -- have you already adopted, and if so, was it through the state, as well? I'm looking into foster-adopting soon myself and am always interested in others' experiences.

Also, what grade do you teach?? I read some of your posts and at times it seemed like small children and another time much older...?