Wednesday, June 25, 2008

We're Home

Ted and I returned home last night after a fabulous trip to Wisconsin. Friday night we went out to eat with family for a fish fry. Afterward we went to my aunt's and everyone sat outside and talked. The weather was perfect and not a mosquito was to be seen.
Saturday we went to the family picnic. My cousin Linda and I spent about 2 hours sitting outside and talking. The weather was beautiful. Only a few of my cousins and their families were missing. I hadn't seen most of my relatives in at least 5 years. That night Ted and I had dinner at a restaurant called Burrachos (which means drunk in's the 2nd burrito shop I've seen with this name). The burrito was awesome. We split one since they are so big. We then went back to the hotel and rested.
Sunday we were off to Pepin, Wi, birthplace of Laura Ingalls Wilder. We had to take 2 cars because there wasn't room for all of the adults in my car with a carseat and booster. My cousin Amy's children are great and it was so much fun to have them with us. My cousin Katie also went. I loved spending time with her too. The day was overcast and it sprinkled a few times for a minute (maybe). We visited the Pepin Museum, the replica cabin, a store, and a neat restaurant. A farmer was baling hay next to the cabin so we sat and watched him for a while. Payton loved yelling, "Shoot the hay!" each time the baler tossed a bale in the hay wagon. The restaurant (The Garden Pub and Grille) was a little sandwich place that had all outdoor seating. We sat in the section that was covered by a roof. They had a water garden with a fall and River and Payton went out and watched it endlessly while we all continued to visit. On our way back to La Crosse we stopped in Nelson. Wi for ice cream and to buy cheese. Without the car ride we spent 6 hours sightseeing and having family time.
Monday was a very early day for us. We had to leave by 7:30 in order to be to the clinic on time. We spent about 2 and a half hours at the doctor. I have learned that I'm allergic to almost everything I always was and then some. While being tested for an allergy to citric acid I ended up in respiratory distress. So, the updated list of allergies so far is as follows: Dust Mite, Ragweed, Grass, Trees, TCE, Alternaria, Cladosporium, AA Mold Mix, Aspergilius, Penicillium, Formalin (formaldihyd) , Hamsters, Grain Dust, Soybean Dust, and Citric acid. All of these were in the severe to very severe range except Fomalin which was mild. We are waiting for blood test results on the following allergies: Baker's Yeast, Corn, Eggwhite, Lemon, Milk, Orange, Peanuts, Soybean, Wheat, Candida Albicans, Cat Dander, Cockroach, Dog Epithelium, and Guinea Pigs. So, I've started my treatment for the first group and once the results are in on the second group I'll start that treatment too. I have to go back in 3-6 months for a follow up. Ted was allergic to 13 things. Most were in the moderate range with 4 being severe and 2 mild.
Monday night we ate at my aunts house and visited with family again. This time the mosquitos chased us in the house.
After the doctor we went to my Aunt's house to visit with Amy and Katie some more. My parents were there already. We had lunch from Coney Island. We had a nice visit even though a bird flew over and dropped a "gift" on my head.
We came home yesturday after buying a new yard game that Ted played at the picnic. It's called Lasso Golf. Ted had fun and we found it on sale at Shopko. Now he sees that they sell them here at Target.

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