Friday, June 6, 2008


I had very weird dreams last night/this morning. I am amazed when I hear the average dream lasts 3 seconds because my dreams seem to last at least 30. Here are the 2 I remember:

#1. My Uncle John was receiving an "I Care" award for saving a person's life at work. We were all there to seem him get the award. Yay Uncle John! (background info...Uncle John works in a school. "I Care" is part of the social skills/peace education program I use in my classroom)

#2. I was in church sitting next to my friend Lori and some of my friends from high school. Church was in my high school auditorium. Tree 63 was singing "Sunday" and Lori told me she didn't like the song. I though to myself, I feel so comfortable it's as if I'm wearing pjs. I looked down and I WAS wearing pjs. Then we all decide to walk around looking for our husbands who are missing. (I woke up before I could embarrass myself. And, the part of "Sunday" I heard in my dream was: "It’s Friday, but Sunday is comin'. Yeah, it's Friday, but Sunday is comin'." Ironic, since today is Friday and all.)

I must begin a dream journal because I've had some great ones in the past few months.

Another side note...spell check says "pjs" should be written as "pj's." I say that's incorrect because the "s" is not showing ownership and it is not a contraction. Am I correct?

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Mommy to those Special Ks said...

You are correct. Stupid spell check. LOL