Saturday, December 20, 2008

Bits and Bobs

-Asthma is annoying...I hate when it feels like my lungs are sticking together and I can't breathe
-Ice should be cleaned off the driveway quickly...not a day later
-I miss peanut butter
-Winter break is here, woo hoo!
-Why did T schedule the plumber to come Tuesday morning? I think that should be a late morning-early afternoon task
-Tomorrow is Michael's birthday. Happy Birthday Michael! Use your birthday money to buy yourself some boots (okay...only M and I get that)
-Monday is Lori's birthday. Happy Birthday Lori! I hope it's a beautiful day for you 8-)
-It is supposed to be 8 degrees when I leave for church in the morning. I hope I don't freeze.
-Santa visited my classroom. My silly students were running around wearing the knit caps I made them. Some were breaking into a sweat.
-I saw the brainologist this week. He was running an hour late due to an emergency at the hospital. I thought I'd get in quicker when all of the cranky old men held an uprising and rescheduled their appointments, but no. Exactly one hour late Dr. Brain talked to me for 10 minutes, probably charged me $200, said good things and I was out the door.
-I saw the allergist last week in Wisconsin. I'm improving. Received a new inhaler. Will go back in the summer and have my food allergies checked. They gave me a flu shot. I had an allergic reaction to the egg, wah!
-Um, that's all of the excitement I can muster up.

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