Sunday, December 28, 2008

I saw my Favs

We spent yesterday in Indy with the Miller clan. We had a fun day. The cutest baby in the world was there, Tyler. He is also the best behaved. Actually, my family is full of the best behaved child ever. I don't know how we were so blessed.
Ted and I stayed too late. Ted was playing euche with his sister and two of her friends. We left after 10. 10 minutes from her house a torrential downpour hit. That meant we had to stop at White Castle in Carmel and have a slyder to let the rain ease up a bit.
We arrived home around 12:45. It was a long day.
So much for any details you may have hoped for. 8-)


MCC said...

I just saw your comment on whittaker woman's blog. Where in Northern Indiana are you? I'm in Granger. IT'S SO COLD!!

MCC said...

That's funny that we're so close! PHM schools were closed yesterday too.

Have a great snow day!

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