Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Shack

It seems like so many people around me are reading The Shack. I really have no interest in the book. Why then, do I feel defensive when people ask me if I've read it yet? Do I subconsciously believe I'm missing something? I don't think so.
I'm currently reading a book about the Salem witch trials. Now that interests me.
I love history. I love adding bits of information to what I already know about that period of our nation's past.
It's not that I'm not captivated by the Trinity, I am...but the Holy Spirit is alive within me and I have an ongoing relationship that is constantly nurtured with the Lord. I am not in a place that finds me in need of this literature. I may read it someday.
To my friends who have read The Shack and loved it...I'm glad. I love to read and it is a special gift when a book makes an impact in your life.
Why did I write this lame post? Because I feel like Jan Brady this morning and I want to cry out, " The Shack, The Shack, The Shack."

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