Monday, January 19, 2009

The Deer

We have a herd of approximately 13 deer living in the woods behind our house (if I knew house to upload a photo on to this blog, here is were you would see one of the many photos I have of them). In the winter I love to look out the second floor windows and see where they walk at night. Last night after it snowed one decided to venture into the front yard. But, rather then jump our fence it decided to cut through the neighbors yard and walk around which allowed my backyard to remain pristine. I believe while exploring the "street side" of the neighborhood the lone deer also stopped to nibble a branch or two from the neighbor's tree. My beautiful, yet needs to be pruned, Maple remained unscathed. The deer then appears to have walked down the sidewalk where I'm guessing it went to the pond which was probably it's original destination.
I love watching the deer. Everyday at 5:15 you can look out across the field and watch them emerge from the trees to begin eating leftover soybeans. I've been able to stand 2 feet away from a fawn and stare into it's eyes. It watched me quietly walk toward it until we stood that measured distance apart. It didn't have any sense of fear, until it's mother snorted from about 10 feet away and I almost wet myself. The fawn took off and so did I. I turned quickly though to watch mother and baby bound across the field. It was so beautiful (once I realize the I wasn't about to star in "When Animals Attack").
God has blessed us with so much beauty. How often do we take time to stop and enjoy what is right in front of us? How often do we thank Him for all of the splendor?

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Jessica said...

Deer are one of the things I am looking forward to. All we have are skunks and possums!