Thursday, January 22, 2009

Today is NOT Friday

even if you thought it should have been...sorry.

Tammy caught the frostbite last week. Just a wee spot on her finger. Enough to hurt like a bugger. She has to wear a burn bandage over the blister. Poor girl. There is a lesson to be learned in this. Do not change a tire without gloves on in -17 degree temps and hold your finger on the metal. You WILL catch the frostbite guaranteed.

Last night I left Job covered in sores and scraping them. That had to hurt beyond anything I can imagine right now (even in day 3 of migraines). Yet, he would not curse the Lord. Of course before I closed my life manual Job was pretty much begging to die and his friends were beginning to talk to him. I'd like to think if all I had was lost that my faith, my love for God would never fail and I would praise Him without hesitation.

Oh, and something else I saw play out once again today...
Crazy is as crazy does.
Some adults do not know how to pick their battles. They also seem to find enjoyment in causing sadness. 8-( My poor little flower. Her heart was broken.

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