Sunday, January 25, 2009

my next book

I woke up with a book idea this morning. I wrote that up before I lost it in the black hole between my ears. Then nothing...writers block. It's a common occurrence for me.

In church a few more lines popped out. They were written on the bulletin. Now I'm going to have to start carrying my little notebook with me. Hopefully this won't become a problem at work. Of course, sometimes I journal when the kids are journaling. I can write then, YAY! Usually, when I have time to write things just flow. They don't shoot out spontaneously between writing sessions.

I bet most of my faithful readers (okay, I know I have at least 3 readers) don't even know that I write. You see this mess I post online and you're thinking...this poor delusional woman calls herself a writer? Well you at "I've been thinking..." I don't have to worry about CUPS (capitalization, usage, punctuation and spelling). I just type.

So, I'm sitting here at the computer looking at my latest work and waiting for more good stuff to pop into my head. So far...nothing. What's different about this idea is I didn't come up with it on my own. This is a God thing. Later I'm going to let Teedo Bandito read it because I also get the feeling he's supposed to be working on this too (he just doesn't know it yet).

Oh...and I started Job over, reading it aloud to Ted because I'm thinking this is a wacky story. Do I get any input from the Mr.? Nope. He just listened. He can read it on his own. I'll go back to where I was. Poor Job. Derry quoted Job 42 in church today. Kind of interesting since we're studying Joshua. It's a God thing.

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